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Quality Assurance

We use a combination of translation processes and technology to ensure the highest quality of translation

We understand that accuracy and consistency are the key properties of any translations for any audience, especially a professional reader.

That is why we enlist modern technology to support – but not to replace - human translators. Quality control is done by at least four eyes. Our goal is to provide you with the translation that is right for your audience, in the best quality, when you need it. We consider your translation need to be a priority, and treat it like that. It goes without saying that sensitive and/or proprietary information will be treated as such, in full confidentiality.

You can benefit from us handling the complete process of coming up with a language solution, from pre-processing through translation and proofreading to getting your documentation ready for DTP.

If you have some legacy translations with established terminology, we will be happy to incorporate that terminology to be provided by you.

We will get back to any inquiry submitted by you within 24 hours.

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