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Privacy Policy

MedTranslation Ltd. pays due care to the management of all information (both electronic and document) entrusted to it by its customers.

MedTranslation Ltd. executes strict nondisclosure agreements with all of its registered translators, and maintains rigorous protection and control of information, taking measures to prevent divulgement and leakage of important customer information to third parties who are not engaged in the relevant operations.


Personal Information Protection Policy

MedTranslation Ltd. complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, guidelines including Guidelines on Personal Information Protection and other relevant laws relating to protection of personal information.


1. Personal information security management

MedTranslation Ltd. implements systematically, physically, humanly and technically appropriate measures in relation to protection of personal information and takes necessary and appropriate measures for prevention of leakage, destruction/loss or damage of personal information handled by MedTranslation Ltd., and otherwise performs security management of personal information.


2. Matters for compliance in acquisition of personal information

MedTranslation Ltd. complies with the following matters as to its acquisition, use and provision of personal information.

  1. Acquisition of personal information 
    MedTranslation Ltd. may acquire personal information relating to clients, etc. to the extent necessary for execution of translation services carried out by MedTranslation Ltd.

  2. Purpose of use of personal information 
    MedTranslation Ltd. shall not use personal information that MedTranslation Ltd. has acquired beyond the scope necessary for execution of translation services unless otherwise required by the law or unless the consent of the subject person has been obtained.

  3. Provision of personal information
    MedTranslation Ltd. shall not provide personal information acquired through the consent of the person to a third party without the prior consent of the person. MedTranslation Ltd. shall disclose, correct, add to or delete personal information or provide notification of the purpose of use upon the person’s request in accordance with the laws and regulations, and shall properly address opinions and consultations.


3. Change of purpose of use of personal information

In principle, MedTranslation Ltd. shall not change the purpose of use specified in the preceding paragraph, except in cases where the prior consent of the person has been obtained; provided that this shall not apply to the case where MedTranslation Ltd. announces advance changes to the purpose of use, within a scope that is reasonably deemed to have considerable relevance to the purpose of use before the change is made.


4. Provision of personal information to third parties

When MedTranslation Ltd. consigns all or part of the handling of personal information to a third party, MedTranslation Ltd. shall sufficiently assess the competency of the relevant third party, and provide necessary and appropriate supervision to the contracted third party so that security management of the personal information entrusted to it shall be ensured.


5. Improvement and review of handling of personal information

MedTranslation Ltd. shall conduct inspections of handling, the management system and measures for personal information and conduct improvement and review thereof on a continuous basis.


6. Disposal of personal information

MedTranslation Ltd. shall delete or dispose of personal information when the need for the personal information has been lost in the light of the purpose of use thereof, and perform the relevant deletion and disposal only when necessary for execution of business, by methods that are necessary and appropriate for prevention of risks such as leakage.


7. Inquiries on handling of personal information and other matters

MedTranslation Ltd. has set up an inquiry form on its website to take inquiries on handling of personal information and address these inquiries properly.


MedTranslation Ltd. shall work hard to maintain information security measures based on the following policies in order to protect the information assets entrusted by its customers from all risks inside and outside MedTranslation Ltd., whether willfully or accidentally, and earn the trust of customers and society.

  1. Responsibility of Founder
    MedTranslation Ltd. shall systematically and continuously strive to improve and  enhance information security under the leadership of the Founder.

  2. Facilitation of system inside MedTranslation Ltd
    MedTranslation Ltd. shall ensure its translation staff thoroughly understand information security in order to maintain and improve information security and execute information security measures as important business of MedTranslation Ltd.

  3. Efforts by translation staff
    Translation staff of MedTranslation Ltd. shall acquire the knowledge and skills that are deemed necessary for information security to ensure their efforts for information security.

  4. Compliance with the law and regulations, and requirements under the agreement
    MedTranslation Ltd. shall comply with laws, regulations, codes or contractual obligations related to information security and respond to the expectations of customers.

  5. Handling of violation and accidents
    MedTranslation Ltd. shall properly handle violations of the law, breaches of agreement or incidents related to information security when such events occur and work hard to prevent recurrence.


Budapest, April 20, 2023

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