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Life Sciences

High-standard translations to match your state-of-the-art products, with confidentiality observed


Medical Devices

Regulatory documentation

In these challenging times, health care companies and authorities alike need to respond fast to the latest developments, and need to provide information both to professionals and the public.

Everyone who plays a part in life sciences know what is at stake, as the name implies: life. Whether it is patient case reports for strictly controlled clinical trials or packaging and instructions for medical devices in compliance with EU directives, you want your texts to be compliant as well as comprehensible for the relevant audience. We understand and are able to cater to these needs. Our experts have the relevant education, training and work experience in the different fields of life sciences to match the subject matter they translate.


The CEE region – particularly Hungary – enjoys a lot of attention from pharmaceutical companies as the venue of clinical trials for innovative drugs. The information to be translated in this domain is often highly sensitive – think intellectual property and personal data. The activity requires accurate information, provided in time, to a variety of audiences, bearing in mind confidentiality issues. This highly complex field implies a wide variety of contexts or interactions where medical knowledge is applied. Readers range from highly specialised research teams to health care professionals such as physicians, nurses, assistants, carrying out their day-to-day work, to patients who need to understand their therapies and conditions from before enrolling to the end of the trial. We make sure that everyone is talked to in the language they understand.


This innovative field requires understanding not only the medical but the technical, often technological aspects of the documents. Our experts have the relevant education, training and work experience in the different fields of life sciences to match the subject matter they translate. We tackle IFUs, packagings, guidelines for use or operation, etc., and ensure that all texts follow the relevant international and national standards and regulations. Again, confidentiality is often a key issue, and we make sure we observe it in our processes. Whether the item in question is a relatively small in vitro device or a complete computerised system for laboratories or surgical procedures, our experts are on hand to deliver by accommodating your needs.


Life sciences are thoroughly regulated and monitored by various national and international bodies to ensure no unnecessary risks are taken when launching new products.

In doing so, they require extensive documentation from operators such as pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, or even patient advocacy groups. Our team has the skills and experience to deliver texts that meet the strict specifications that may be imposed by the relevant regulatory bodies concerning documentation or procedures. The wide range of documents we have translated over the years includes items ranging from patient information leaflets through packaging and labelling, validation protocols, expert reports and informed consent forms to periodic safety reports.

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